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Letter to members of the Carpenters for Christmas from Oberlin Action for Civil Rights co-chairs Marcia Aronoff and Jerry Von Korff, March 5, 1965. The letter discusses the outcome of the church rebuilding project in Ripley, MS, and civil rights work…

Article by Chip Rothschild, "Kent Numbers Dwindle, Exiles Travel to Case," in the Oberlin Review, May 14, 1970. The article reports on the remaining Kent students at Oberlin, less than fifty, and their decision to go to Case Western Reserve…

The Carpenters and other volunteers at work on the foundation of the church.

Near the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, cotton fields being worked by pickers. One of the Oberlin volunteers took this photograph.

Burrell Scott (left), an Oberlin contractor, served as the volunteer contractor for the project to rebuild the church in Ripley.

Local church members and the Carpenters for Christmas and other volunteers at a service held on Christmas Day in the roofless church structure. It was the first interracial service in the area. By the time the students and other volunteers left, the…

Every day of the project to rebuild the church, the volunteer crew members met for a meeting such as this one.

The Carpenters for Christmas and other volunteers raise a wall frame for the church.

The Antioch Missionary Baptist Church was burned to the ground the night after a Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party rally was held there on October 30, 1964, led by Fannie Lou Hamer.

Mary Miho, an Oberlin student who went to Ripley, MS with the other Carpenters for Christmas, wrote this article about her experience for Youth magazine, published by the United Church of Christ in 1965. The article, entitled "Mississippi Portrait,"…
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