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Article by Stewart I. Edelstein, "Oberlin's Reaction to Kent and Cambodia," in the Oberlin Alumni Magazine, August 1970.

President Robert K. Carr's Panel on the Vietnam War in Finney Chapel, May 1970. The posters hanging from the table were made by printmaking students. This was just one of the many discussion panels, lectures, and activities on campus during the weeks…

View of the dais at Oberlin's Commencement in Tappan Square, 1970. JesseL. Jackson, the Commencement speaker, is seated far left; he received an honorary doctorate. President Robert K. Carr (center) had just given a diploma to Stewart I. Edelstein,…

View of Commencement speaker Jesse L. Jackson, administrators and faculty filing through the Memorial Arch from Tappan Square, where the exercises were held. Jackson, walking with President Robert K. Carr, received an honorary doctorate.

Jesse L. Jackson was the Commencement speaker and the recipient of an honorary degree from Oberlin in May 1970, just weeks after the May 4 tragedy. He was the director of Operation Breadbasket for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference since…

Uniforms Under the Elms.pdf
This article on Oberlin's V-12 unit appeared at the back of the 1979 Commencement Exercises program.

The V-12 program offered four semesters (16 months) of training and higher education for high school and college graduates with officer potential. Oberlin trained about 2,000 men out of the total 60,000 supplied to the Navy and Marines by all V-12…

Lt. Commander Homer Howard received the Oberlin Navy V-12 flag from Oberlin College President Ernest Hatch Wilkins, November 13, 1943. This was also Homecoming Day, with a football game between Oberlin and the College of Wooster. The V-12 program…

Oberlin College press release announcing the nature of its "Kent in Exile" function for the 200 Kent State students expected to arrive on campus that day, May 12, 1970.

Press release by Oberlin College to media outlets about the choir and orchestra's scheduled performance, conducted by Dean Robert Fountain, at the Washington Cathedral on May 9 as an expression of anti-war protest. The release also discusses other…
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