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Historical marker for the destruction of the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Ripley, MS in October of 1964, and the role of Oberlin's Carpenters for Christmas in rebuilding it the following December. The Mississippi Freedom Trail was created in…

Interior of the new Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. The Carpenters for Christmas built the foundation and frame before returning to Oberlin.

Members of the Carpenters for Christmas after their return to Oberlin. From left to right, includes Prof. Paul Schmidt, Mrs. Gail Baker Schmidt, Marcia Aronoff, Jerry Von Dorff, and Joseph Gross. Marcia Aronoff holds a brass vase given in gratitude…

Scaffolding on the nearly complete Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Ripley, Mississippi. By the time the students left for home, the roof was up, the sidewalks and windows were installed, and a small office at the front of the church was almost…

A view of the Antioch MIssionary Baptist Church in Ripley, Mississippi after completion.

Burrell L. Scott was an Oberlin contractor. He volunteered to direct the Carpenters in the construction work to rebuild Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. He was a decorated veteran of World War II. He is shown here with Marcia Aronoff (Class of…

Paul Schmidt, professor of philosophy, and his wife Gail Baker Schmidt, pack a car for the trip to Ripley, Mississippi. The Schmidts conceived of the project the day after the national election, at the time that about 60 black churches in the South…

David Jewell, associate professor of Christian Ethics at Oberlin, packing up a car for the trip to Ripley, Mississippi to rebuild the church.

Professor Paul Schmidt amuses the crew working on the roof, in this photograph of the Carpenters for Christmas at work. Pictured are Paul Schmidt (head in the hole), his wife Gail Baker Schmidt (near left), Marcia Aronoff (far left), and a student…

The Fairchild House was a place of refuge for John Price, the slave forcibly removed from the custody of slave catchers in Wellington by people of that town and of Oberlin in September 1858. James Harris Fairchild and his family agreed to harbor…


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