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In 1835, the Oberlin Collegiate Institute (later, Oberlin College) built this Gothic Revival house for Charles Grandison Finney, who came to Oberlin that year as the head of the theological department. The year that Finney became Oberlin's second…

The Oberlin Collegiate Institute (later Oberlin College) built this house in 1835 for Asa Mahan, the former trustee at Lane Seminary who became Oberlin's first president. Mahan was supportive of students and faculty who wanted to discuss abolition in…

Charles Grandison Finney (1792-1875),flamboyant evangelist of the Second Great Awakening, came to the Oberlin Collegiate Institute (subsequently Oberlin College) in 1835. He served as its second President from 1851-1865.For nearly a decade, from 1824…

Asa Mahan (1799-1889) graduated from Hamilton College (New York) in 1824 and from Andover Theological Seminary (Massachusetts) in 1827. He was ordained in Pittsford, New York in 1829, and later installed as minister of the Sixth Presbyterian Church…

Ernest Hatch Wilkins was Oberlin's president from 1927 to 1946. He worked with the Japanese relocation centers to help make Oberlin a welcoming place for Japanese American students.
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