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I would like to thank the following individuals for their help with the Oberlin Sanctuary Project:

Tim Elgren, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Alexia Hudson-Ward, Director of Libraries

Anne Salsich, Associate Archivist 

Megan Mitchell, Digital Initiatives Librarian

Louisa Hoffman, Archival Assistant

Marla Thompson, Administrative Secretary to the Director of Libraries

Emily Crawford, Office of Communications

Heath Patten, Curator, Visual Resources Collection

Kate Diamond ’17, Student Assistant

Jacob MacDonnell '19, Student Assistant

This team helped to develop the concept of the Sanctuary Project, to create an exhibit to feature stories of Oberlin as sanctuary, and to design a bookmark and this website. We will continue to add stories and content to the site, and we hope that this will be a useful resource for teaching, research and discussion of how Oberlin has served as a safe haven or sanctuary throughout our history.

Thank you.

Ken Grossi, College Archivist
April 2017